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Encouraged by an artistic mother from an early age, art in some form has always been an important part of my life.

After studying at East Sydney Art School, my workplaces over the years included a Graphic Arts Studio, an Advertising Agency and a Printing Company. This allowed for varied experience in design and illustration, ranging from fashion art to children's books and Christian literature.

Living now in the Blue Mountains I have a special love for watercolours, as the need to try and reflect something of the beauty of creation remains and grows. I particularly like to get "upclose and personal" with the smaller wonders of creation, such as birds, bugs, butterflies and flowers.......and ideally with a touch of whimsy!

Belonging to the Society of Mountain Artists for many years has brought much stimulation and encouragement, from friendships, awards and sales.

Whilst every attempt is made to represent colour as closely as possible to the original work, variations can occur due to differences between the colour settings on the display device.