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"From my early life, I've had a great love for drawing and painting.  I was attracted to watercolours in the 1980s when I found a book called 'Making Colour Sing' by Jean Dobie. It became my painting bible, mainly 'showing me the way' with use of colour.   My watercolours have never been the traditional style of loose, atmospheric washes.  They've been more defined, with strong colour.  Some of my recent works include watercolour pastels, which add texture and dimension. For variety, I sometimes use water based oils.

I am largely self taught having attended only a few classes and workshops in the past.  Observation, reading and practice are my greatest teachers.

Plein air painting appeals to me.  I begin outside, to absorb the spirit of a place, and complete the works in my studio with classical music for company.

My inspiration comes from my surroundings, the natural landscapes of the Blue Mountains, to where I moved from Sydney in 1999,  and human-created gardens and their content.  Flowers and trees, both native and exotic, inspire me.  The play of light and shadow on these subjects is vital in my work.

I belong to the Society of Mountain Artists and participate in their regular Exhibitions.   I enjoy the days painting en plein air as we are very privileged to live in a beautiful part of the world which inspires creativity.  I have gained a great deal from joining with my fellow artists in the Society, to share ideas and learn from demonstrations, workshops etc."

Whilst every attempt is made to represent color as closely as possible to the original work, variations can occur due to differences between the colour settings on the display device.